Renaisi is an award-winning social enterprise which helps people and places to thrive by offering a range of services

The issue

Renaisi faced two issues - an aging Exchange server, and new compliance regulations that certain sections of data had to conform to – such as data at rest encryption, email encryption and data loss prevention

The answer

Several different options were assessed, covering on premise and cloud in order to meet all of the requirements at a price point that was affordable to implement and maintain. The final solution needed to be user friendly and flexible so that different polices could be applied to different user groups

The outcome

Three main solutions were put in place:

Data: An new virtual server was built, using Microsoft’s Bitlocker software to ensure that all required data was encrypted.

Email: Office 365 was implemented, this provided encryption at rest , all the functionality required as well as removing the need for new hardware onsite.

Backup: A move to Shadow Protect provided a more robust, encrypted back up and allowed a secure secondary backup to be taken at a remote site

Compliance requirements were met, System uptime massively improved and data backup made secure