Glasspool Trust

Is one of the few UK charities that provide direct grants for those experiencing hardship without restrictions on who might be helped.

The issue

RL Glasspool have a custom built application to process requests for grants and this was hosted on an internal server, potentially limiting scalable performance and accessibility. In addition the Microsoft Active Directory controlling user access to resources and permissions was also hosted on premise.

The answer

After reviewing the different options available, It was agreed, the most appropriate solution would be migrate both of these services on to the Microsoft Azure virtual server platform. Azure’s impressive SLA’s and flexibility on resources were the key factors in the decision. This decision was made easier by the fact that RLG, as a charity, were able to take advantage of Microsoft’s Donations program allowing them up to $3500.00 of credit of apply against Azure services annually.

Works carried out?

A series of planning meetings with the app developers and RLG took place which allowed us to define requirements and availability on Azure. A phased migration plan was then created the following work undertaken:

  • Definition and agreement of Azure resources and licensing to be deployed
  • Testing program for Grants+ with user/third party feedback when hosted in Azure
  • Tidy up of Active Directory, testing and migration to Azure
  • Migration of Grants+ program to Azure working in tandem with the current hosted location
  • Old Services decommission

What's next?

RLG have a set a go live date later in the year for Grantsplus to be released from it’s current location allowing it to be fully hosted and accessed through Azure.