InfoBulletin - September 2017

Welcome to this month’s InfoBulletin. As time goes by and the internet becomes an essential part of our everyday lives, so we notice the flavour of the issues we highlight changing; increasingly we are pre-occupied with what increasingly feels like civil rights on the net. Eg- privacy, security, equality of access. There’s certainly an argument that government is too hands off in protecting e-citizens and too hands on in monitoring them!

Amazon vs. Azure

The two heavyweights are really starting to slug it out, or should that be slang it out.  Yes Amazon cloud services is at present way bigger than Azure, but Azure is growing rapidly and has great familiarity of features to those familiar with Windows Servers and has even recently launched £3000 of service FOC for UK charities. What’s not to like?

Want to look at clouds from both sides now? (as Joni Mitchell sang) just type into google – Amazon vs. Azure, read the articles and pick your side.

Iphone Red

Initially seen as unlikely partners;  ‘squeeze the last buck out of the consumer’ Apple and the Aids Charity Red have together generated $150 million for the fight against HIV.  To push that total higher Apple have just launched a unique Red Iphone in support of this cause. For more info see: -

Get rid of annoying Windows Apps

One step beyond Office.

Office365 keeps getting better and better. Recent add-ons include having your own private video channels – great for training, and a team planning resource.  If you haven’t yet embraced Office365 its definitely worth a look.  Its also extremely inexpensive.  If you would like to know exact costs for your  business, would like a trial set up or know about the practicalities of migration over to 365 get in touch –   For more info see:-

BT 1571 enhanced – Things can only get better

How sad are you, if you get excited enhancements to BT’s 1571 answering service?  Not sad at all,  you’re an early adopter who keeps taking the chores and admin out your life, its important to remember that we didn’t go from the Wright Brothers to the Airbus380 over night and it’s the same with IT. Always worth keeping tabs and trying stuff, -  if you don’t you can find you’re out of touch almost overnight! For more info on 1571 new features see: -

Taming toddler to teenagers tech tantrums

Admit it you’re addicted to your smartphone if you’re not answering email, you’re hitting the bbc website or posting selfies, and chances are you didn’t get wirelessly online till you were 18+.  So for parents of today’s kids and teenagers in an always online world that’s quite a concern.   The BBC have a great little a guide on how to get some reasonable control in place without being overbearing.

Good news on Internet circuit prices 

Telecoms giant will split off the broadband infrastructure operator 'to serve customers equally'.  This is good news for customers and Sky/Virgin etc who have long complained about BT’s monopoly. To be fair though BT has made massive investment in its fibre rollout and UK backbone, and the UK isn’t really a big enough market to support more than one player of the scale needed to make it worthwhile investing.
BT strikes deal to legally separate Openreach division

Office365 to support Bitcoin?

There are as many rumours surrounding Bitcoin its founders, future structure and value as mythical pirate Capt. Jack Sparrow.  The latest rumour ye scurvy swabs is that Office365 will soon support bitcoin payments. The pirate becomes the game keeper or other such mixed methaphor.

Data Protection for Charities

In a move that shows another ratcheting up in taking data protection seriously, DP offices now must report directly to CEOs. A sensible move.


Label it, secure it and track it – BEFORE you Lose it

You probably have a phone,  a laptop and maybe it’s a tablet as well and travelling about with these devices over a number of years, it’s at least 50/50 you will be distracted at some point or by something and leave something somewhere.   If you label something -  with your name, a phone no. and email address the chances of getting the kit back greatly increase.  Firstly because the finder can reach you – many people will call you,  they know it could be themselves next time,  and secondly because now the device is linked to someone,  psychologically for most at least ‘finders/keepers’ and pocketing the device is no longer a victimless crime.  Lastly do ensure you use  password, and encryption  on all your devices and enable tracking services – on Windows10 and Apple devices these will enable you to track where your device is through wifi connections (eg even if the SIM on a phone is changed).    Its hard to eliminate the possibility of mislaying something but you can greatly increase the chances of getting it back.


The foundation for social improvement – Survey reveals IT upskilling needed!

On a day to day basis the survey findings match our experience, no massive crisis, but on the whole some extra attention needed.